Suppliers of Justuxia are world wide known as quality manufacturers. With the below listed suppliers we can
do succesfully as well small as large scale and technically challenging projects.

Victor Lighting & Chalmit Lighting, Lighting for Hazardous and Industrial Areas

Vyrtych, Industrial lighting fittings

Hawke International, Cable Glands, Connectors and Junction Box for hazardous areas

Teaflex, Industrial cable protection products

IMT, Complete control systems and products for helidecks

Hawke Transit System, Cable and pipe modular transit systems

Chemec, PENSIL cable and pipe penetrations

Karl Dose, Electrical equipment for shipbuilding

KJM-Tuote Oy, Tailor made solutions for shipbuilding and lighting

Haixing, Electrical equipment and lighting for shipbuilding

Raychem, Metallic cable ties and bands

Genex, Lighting fittings