About us

Justuxia Oy specialises in selling technically challenging electrical installation and lighting products for projects. Our product range includes light fixtures, metal cable glands and electric installation products for explosive atmospheres and lighting products, cable penetrations, cable conduits, and metal cable ties for the maritime industry. Our extensive selection of tunnel, exterior, office, and business facility lighting products is found on the subpage under Lightning.

As required by the project, we subcontract product manufacturing to, and make product modifications with, our Finnish partners. We have delivered our Finnish-manufactured JTU tunnel light fixtures to ten Russian projects. Already for about 15 years, Justuxia has successfully operated in the Finnish, Russian, Belorussian, and Ukrainian markets.

Additional information about our reference projects, our suppliers, and our clients are found on the next pages. Our areas of expertise include lighting, the maritime industry, the ATEX technology, and the Russian-speaking market area. Justuxia’s success is based on the combination of our established suppliers’ strengths, our long professional experience, and our competence which ensure that our client is provided with the desired, high-quality, and cost-effective solution!